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Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering and Related

    Contact me to discuss your project. All projects require your details for me to give you an accurate estimate.

Multitrack Recording (either analogue or digital)

$15 per hour per person

Production (meaning, if I am the producer of any part of your project)

20% of any rate in use

Analogue Multitrack Mixing

$3 per hour per track

Digital Auto Mixing with Total Recall

$35 per hour

Rough Mixing (either analogue or digital)

65% of mix price

Live to 2-track recording

$3 per hour per fader

Mastering and Digital Audio Editing, CD Layout

$40 per hour

Cassette Duplication x 16

$ .05 per minute per cassette

All Retrieval, Copies and Transfers

$30 per hour

Commercial Production (non independent artist based projects)

$80 per hour

Digital wave files are transferable in and out of Randy's, and most other studios, so if you have a need for that service, let me know.

Projects expected to use digital storage space will have to rent disc space, or provide a compatible portable USB powered hard drive.

Estimates are available. Find out how much your project would cost; use the "Contact" page.

Music Instruction

    Instruction services are available for individuals or groups. Instruction includes recording and playback for evaluation and study and to experience working with a producer. Students are welcome to bring pre-recorded accompaniments.

    Music instruction is available for:

    • Recording
    • Voice
    • Piano
    • Bass
    • Guitar
    • Hammond Organ

    Rates vary from $15 to $40 per hour, depending on your level.


Special Classes

    Randy also offers studio music courses through the UW Extension for adults. These offerings vary; contact Randy to inquire.
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    A reviewing service is also available. A non-stylistic critique of songwriting, performance, recording quality, and listenability will be returned to you by email. Send CD or Email MP3, and send $3.00 for each half-minute of material. Call for address: 608-839-4154 USA. No material will be returned.