Musings: Producers


Everybody wants to be a producer; i.e., have their ideas used in a recording. The easiest way to become a producer is to simply say you are one. Which is what most people do. So watch out!

Randy Green, Producer

As producer of an unknown large number of projects, many of which are visible on the "Office" page of the "Rooms" Section, I am quite sure I can produce. I can get your best out of you, and keep your costs down, too. I can present you in your best light. I can make you want to do more, and do it better. I can inspire you to great heights. I can elevate your mood when you become tired of yourself. I can help you create a real and powerful image of yourself in sound. I can coach you in musical terms. I can direct you. I can totally leave you alone.

The recording artistry process is a three-pronged spear. It takes an artist, an engineer, and a producer to do the job properly, or at least three points of view. An engineer can be a producer, and a producer should be able to engineer. Artists can engineer and produce themselves, but it's a pretty distracted process. And though a producer or an engineer would probably never think they could be an artist while they worked, artists often think they can be artists and produce or engineer themselves.

While I'm sure the artists know themselves better than anyone, that knowledge is not what producing is about. Besides inspiring you to do your best, producing is about three things:

  1. Knowing what the artist is capable of, and
  2. Knowing what it is that will be likeable and listenable to the public, out of those capabilities, and
  3. Getting the artist to use those capabilities to their own advantage, so they can reach their goals.

I remember an agent telling me once, "Jump around a lot - that's what they like." Life should be so simple.

Most artists try to force the issue of what they want people to like about them, when in fact, what they want people to like about them is hardly ever what people like, if they like anything at all.

Unless you're very mature, it takes an outside view to see yourself as others see you, or to hear yourself as others hear you.

Every artist needs a producer. I'm available and enthusiastic about working with you as your producer or co-producer, or as your engineer. And of course, you are welcome to do your own producing - some people can accomplish that.