Tracking, Mixing, and Mastering:
Digital Recording with Fully Automated Mixing
Vintage Analogue Tape Recording and Mixing

In addition to working in full digital or full analogue, I can "hybrid" any part of your project in either format, using the latest Sony Digital Audio software (currently Vegas 7) with automated mixing and total recall, assisted by a Mackie Universal Controller with optical grade assignable touch sensitive motorized faders, a MOTU 24 i/o audio interface providing 24 simultaneous 24bit 96Khz ad/da converters and a professional recording quality MOTU internal sound card, all integrated with full monitoring capabilites, as an optional audio extension of a Tascam M3500 32x8x2 traditional analogue recording console with 32 internal mic pre's, and matching Tascam MSR24/dbx 24 track one inch tape recorder.

Mixing, mastering and CD layout with editing are done in Vegas also, with plugins from Steinberg, Waves, Isotope and Sony.

Live-to-2-track digital is done in Steinberg Wavelab using a 2-channel Audigy II 24 bit 192 KHz capable soundcard.

Consumer Video Editing Service is now available and is also done in Sony Vegas.

Other Sony software includes the latest Sound Forge, Acid Pro, and DVD Architect software programs.

Computer is a Dell 8300 with a Dual Core 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 CPU and 4 GB of RAM, a custom upgrade by MasterCom, Inc., and has available unlimited external storage and backup capacity.

Multitrack projects can be imported/exported from a variety of formats, so it is possible to bring tracks you recorded elsewhere into Randy's Recording for mixing. High-end digital audio software programs including the Sony products in use at Randy's Recording, plus other programs such as ProTools, Nuendo, etc. all have utilities for importing and exporting project files for use in other programs. Tracking on analogue tape can be converted in-house to digital for mixing.


I have 50 mics set up and ready to go at all times. Brands include:

  • Audio Technica
  • ElectroVoice
  • AKG
  • Shure
  • Equitech
  • Sennhieser
  • Studio Projects
  • MXL

These mics range in value from $200 to $700 each.


I monitor through JBL 4412 3-way 12" studio monitors, powered by a Hafler P505w amp.
There is also a TOA 6" 2-way and  Auratone 3" one-way monitor system powered by a Harmon-Kardon Pm625 wideband amp.


  • 17 multi-function compressors available from dbx, Symetrix, Valley People, and Ashly.
  • 12 multi-effects units by ART, ADA, Delta Lab, DigiTech, Alesis, Lexicon
  • 3 EQ units by Symetrix, DOD, and AKAI
  • 3 enhancers by BBE, Aphex, and SPL
  • Hundreds of digital plug-ins

All of these units are quickly available through a 336-point " patch bay and four 8-channel line mixers.


I run five independent headphone mixes through eight pairs of Koss Pro 4AA heavy duty phones, powered by Rane. There are also five pairs of Sennhieser lightweight open headphones.


  • 1939 Kitt studio upright acoustic piano
  • Kurzweil 88-key Mark 2 digital grand in wood console
  • 1955 Blonde Hammond M3 with142Rv Leslie circa 1966


There are other test sets, spectrum analyzers, 4-track reel-to-reels as well as eight dual-well cassette decks by Technics. CDs from old dat tapes are mastered on an HHB CDR 800 and can be copied on a TDK copier. There are 3 Tascam dat machines including an HR 24 bit dual speed, a DA 30 and a DA 40. Also available for vintage projects and 2 track tape transfers is an Otari MX 55 2 track tape machine, and a Phillips electronic turntable for LP transfers.

Studio Equipment changes from time to time, but it always has to sound good to me. And that doesn't change.