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  • Local Sounds ( is an independent music organization and music magizine for industry professionals and local musicians who are passionate about the evolution of the local music scene. Rick Tvedt, proprietor, is a tireless and dedicated music philanthropist who is well worthy of the respect of  us all.  - R Green.
  • The Mud Angels ( and are a "steamy" - (Rick's Cafe) blues rock band featuring vocalist Laura England. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the Mud Angels were honored to win three Madison Area Music Awards in 2008 (Blues Artist of the Year, Blues Song of the Year, and Female Vocalist of the Year) with tracks from their debut CD, "A Bolt From The Blue," recorded at Randy’s Recording.
  • Seven Signs ( is an all original 5 piece metal band hailing from Madison, WI. Formed in early 2009 Seven Signs is a hard working, serious metal band with many metal genre influences. Seven Signs does not concern themselves about fitting into a specific genre. Instead, we only focus on driving rhythms, moving beats, meaningful vocals and what comes natural . In August of 2009 we released our first 5 track EP titled The End Is Near. Pick it up, it's a must have for any heavy music fan!
  • Sugar River Productions  ( is a multi-media orginzation that is a subsidary of Advisory Manangment, Inc. We operate the Americana Gazette, a print and on-line publication that features Ameicana music and arts stories. We cover blues, blue grass, country, alt-country, and indie rock music. We also feature classical music and arts happenings in Southern Wisconsin, and beyond.We also have a record label, Sugar River Records, and a studio.
  • Madison Folk Music Society ( - Promoting folk music of all types (traditional and contemporary) in the greater Madison area, with a concert series during the academic year and special summer events.
  • Trimordial Studio Las Vegas ( -  Location & studio audio recording, music production, and live sound engineering.  MiniDV video production.  Graphics, fine & commercial art, photography, and website, MySpace, & Ning site design.  Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  • West of East (
    Meeting Randy for the first time was an experience! – The great thing about Randy is that he knows sound and if I can say so myself, we sounded awesome! Not to mention, he's probably the last person left on earth who is really doing it for the music. He is encouraging and centered in an almost guru-like fashion.
  • Maximum Ink Music Magazine ( Maximum Ink features interviews, cd reviews, articles and previews of both local and national artists and columns with backstage news, rockstar death notices, festival previews and more! Plus, a live music calendar for the state of Wisconsin and surrounding area!
  • Rick's Café ( Rick's Café is South Central Wisconsin's Local Music Newspaper and has been in production since January 2003. This monthly newspaper is crammed full of in-depth features, Live show reviews, CD reviews, Articles for both the professional musician and music fan, and a band register.
  • Tracy Jane Comer ( Randy has recorded and produced two full-length CDs for me, Second Wind and Quietly There, both of which earned nominations for BEST ACOUSTIC ALBUM by the Madison Area Music Awards. He also recorded/produced a live studio EP for me. I've learned to listen closely to and trust his musical advice and guidance, because so far, he's always been right! He also recorded instrumental parts to my album (guitar, piano, Hammond, electric bass) and contributed lyrics to some of the songs...he continues to amaze me with his versatility. I love every minute of my time in the studio and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
  • Robert J. ( ): I recorded "Dixie Highway" and my "No Brakes" Cd's; plus countless other tracks at Randy's recording and I can't think of a more comfortable and creative recording space. Add to that, Randy's capabilities as producer, engineer, counselor, shrink and friend and there is no better studio around.
  • John Masino ( Randy, I've always had a wonderful time recording with you at your fantastic studio! Keep on doin it!
  • Frank X. Sommers ( I've recorded seven different CD projects at Randy's studio, everything from a Civil War-era gospel project to an operetta to several country music projects, and no matter what musical genre is involved, Randy brings an incredible sense of knowing what's good and what's true. He's a wise, wise man. He can make your best efforts sound better, and give you a few kernels of enlightenment to take home with you.
  • E-Book with CD ROM: Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy-my life and times with AC/DC, Van Halen, Susan Masino.  CD-ROM includes the eBook featuring over 60 rare rock photos and a 30 min. AC/DC mp3 interview from 1977.
  • Gary "Big Knowledge" Davis  ( Randy, I want to thank you for all the advice and professionalism you brought to the studio.You always made it fun and productive.You also taught me a lot about the music business  (not only recording) and for that I will only be able to advance futher in this cold but fair business. THANKS, Gary
  • Art Paul Schlosser (email: Hi,I'm ART PAUL SCHLOSSER and I am a musician, artist, poet, comedian and all around entertainer who currently has 20+ CDs at which are also on Apple iTunes and at or maybe you would prefer to watch one of my videos at  sometimes they play my music on the radio podcasts at where you can also download my songs and read my lyrics or if you myspace check out my tour schedual and photos of my artwork at the official Art Paul Schlosser myspace which is at
  • Spiritone Recording Co. / Kenn Fox ( Established in 1998, Spiritone Recording Co. is a Wisconsin-based, independent label dedicated to producing, promoting, and distributing quality recordings by artists with Wisconsin roots. Send submissions to: Spiritone, Attn: Kenn, 100 E Main St, Watertown, Wi 53094.
  • Paramount Guitars ( - Fine guitars, sold by Kenn Fox  (Watertown, WI)
  • Studio Strings (  Chris Wagoner and Mary Gaines, two of the finest musicians and human beings in the area, from Randy.
  • Big Johnson and the Thrusters (  We recorded our CD, "Stories, Myths and Outright Lies" at Randy's Recording.  We had a great experience, and Randy Green had a huge impact in making our CD the best it could have been.  Thanks Randy!   -Fred Decker
  • Laurie Lang ( Cool website, Randy -- you are my best link right now!  (Laurie is a jazz upright bassist in Madison, WI--Rg)
  • Fred and Ethel   (  Hello Randy! Give Beaster a pat on the head for us...
  • Michael Massey  (  Michael Massey has won over a dozen Addy Awards. He has written or collaborated on over 200 songs, pop, rock, jazz, county, and musical theatre, and has opened for Loverboy, Cheap Trick, The Go Go's, Survivor, The Romantics and others.
  • Seth Van Wie  ( Sir Deth was here. Good to see you online Randy. Talk soon good buddy. Best wishes always, Seth Van Wie
  • Stephen Miller ( Ho Randolph! Really nice! Impressive! You are right 'bout credits, you didn't miss anyone. Yer old pal, Steve Miller.
  • Shirley A Dawson ( WWQM/ WTDY/ WHIT/ WLMV/ WMGN/ WJJO/ WHIT 
  • Myron Mayhem  ( Hey Randy, check out my web site. I put a link to your site. I hope that's cool. Anyway talk to you soon.
  • Chuck LeMonds {West Germany}  ( Hi Randy, Great website! Hope your're doing well. Great job on the recording I did at your place in 1996. I still like it! -Chuck
  • Nelson Graham  ( Hi, Randy - This last album, "You Look Like Your Dog," [recorded at Randy's Recording] is definitely "grassroots country"....think there's shelf space?
  • Brad Pribbenow  ( or  My first recordings at your studio really played an integral part in me falling in love with the art and science of recording.
  • Al Hough: Nice site, Randy. It was always great working with you. Peace.
  • Goodnight Gracie / Jimm Insolia  ( My name is Jimm Insolia, lead singer and guitar player for "GOODNIGHT GRACIE". Want to encourage all of you to check out our new album, "Drive," recorded at Randy's, and now available at  -- Hard driving melodic rock. "Rock Report" says "Awesome! Grabs you by the throat and does not let go!"
  • "KG and the Ranger  ( are among the best known proponents of the western style and it's easy to hear why: they sing with charm and style, they yodel spectacularly, chose great material with unerring taste, and write fine new songs  as well. Their growing and continuing success is well deserved." --Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky  (  
    - A signed quote appearing on their 3rd album at Randy's, entitled "When Cowboys Dream"
  • Jim Walktendonk  ( has recorded six CDs and each contain a raw musical intensiy delivered with an elegant lyrical style. His songs are stories as told by a husband, father, artist and Vietnam War Veteran. He appeared nationally on PBS in 1985 and on HBO in 1987.
  • Denny Dean and the Caddilac Cowboys  ( Thanks Randy, check out our website. Your website is pretty cool man!
  • Subliminal Overtones  ( Thanks! -Fred Simani.  Great website by the way.  
  • Steve Mueske   ( Just giving you a shout-out from the Twin Cities.  Was visiting your site and wanted to say hi!
  • LAUNCHPAD MUSIC COMPETITION 2005 - ( - Wisconsin School Music Association  ( - 1005 Quinn Drive, Waunakee, WI 53597, 608-850-3566 or 800-589-9762, Fax: 608-850-3515,
  • TAXI  ( - Your source for songwriting tips, songwriter resources, songwriting articles, and song writing techniques.
  • Peril -  ( -   Visit Peril's website and listen to some full length cuts from Peril's 2006 album, "From One To Another." Nice work, guys. - Randy
  • Seventeen Rhinos  ( - Thanks for the Top Artists pick  (Broadjam), you animals, what a nice surprise. - Randy
  • Heartwood  ( Eight albums recorded/produced at Randy's. Thank you Candace and Katie, for the Top Artists pick on Broadjam.
  • Broadjam ( – from the office of Roy Elkins, founder, to Randy’s Recording: Broadjam is a music community website, founded in September 1999. The service is aimed primarily at independent musicians. Users can interact with other artists, enter contests, and collaborate with peers through email, reviews, blogs and other social networking tools. Broadjam also works with related industries to provide various licensing opportunities, including placement in films, TV shows, advertising campaigns and video games, radio play and professional reviews. The site has an online database of over 300,000 searchable songs and is home to approximately 85,000 artists from all over the world. 
  • Madtown Lounge ( - from the office of Allen McGuire, founder, to Randy’s Recording: The Madtown Lounge is a website that gives independent musicians the tools they need to be heard. Bands can post tour dates; upload music previews; share YouTube vids; create a network of friends, bands and venues; and sell their CDs! The Madtown Lounge is a website that will always remain dedicated to independent musicians, venues they tour, and the fans that pack their shows.
  • Institute of Production and Recording (
    Lance Sabin, Co Founder and Director of Admissions, is quoted in the 2006 IPR introductory brochure – “One question that always comes up when talking with students and parents…’Lance, how did you get started?’ It began with my mom and dad who were my greatest supporters. They introduced me to a man of influence, named Randy Green who had attended Berklee School of Music. As my mentor he introduced me to the art of producing and recording music. This was the defining moment that changed my life. At IPR, we’ve created an environment where students team up with mentors who’ve done it all, and I know how important that can be."
  • Madison Media Institute (  Chris Hutchings, Director
    Students at Madison Media Institute can earn an Occupational Associate of Arts degree in Digital Media Design and Production, Video and Motion Graphics, Media Systems Technology, or Recording and Music Technology At MMI you are surrounded by peers and experienced professionals who share your passion about music, films, video, video games, graphic design and the entertainment industry.
  • Country Twist Band - (  -  Country with a southern rockin' Twist, featuring Kirstie Kraus - Lead Vocals,   Dana Ostrom - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals,  Tim Haak - Lead Guitar,  Jerry "Dean" Helmer -  Bass, Lead Vocals,   Chad "Animal" Helmer - Drums. A fine five song EP will be out soon (2/2009).
  • Madison Songwriters Group ( Join up, or check for monthly updates about our events and a reminder for Songwriters in the Round, the Song Critique, or other relevant Madison Songwriters Group events.
  • Dale Hall Photography ( - Dale Hall does commercial, residential, advertising and personal photograpy, and thrives on projects that other photographers won't tackle. The large control room photo on this website is Dale's work. Thanks Dale.
  • The University of Wisconsin - Madison, Dept.of Liberal Studies & the Arts Continuing Education Classes ( - Study music in the Madison area through noncredit classes and workshops during the fall and spring semesters. We offer a large array of classes, including music appreciation, fundamentals, composition, music business, early music, performance ensembles, and beginning and intermediate classes in piano, voice, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, Celtic and other ethnic instrument and vocal traditions.
  • Rich Baumann (  - Rich Baumann is a folk singer, songwriter, storyteller, teacher, and sympathetic friend to the sick and aging. Rich has made five trips to Louisiana and delivered $29,000 worth of donated instruments for The Million Closets Project, which gathers your donated musical instruments and provides them to school children in the hurricane devastated Gulf Coast. Call 608 241-2615 for info or to donate instruments
  • Willy Porter ( - from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia - "Willy Porter is a contemporary American folk musician from Mequon, Wisconsin. His career as a published singer began in 1990 with his first album, The Trees Have Soul, although his popularity began in 1994 with his album Dog-Eared Dream --- "    ( The Trees Have Soul was recorded at Randy's and produced by Willy Porter, Paul Perrone and Randy Green. Randy was also a co-writer on one of Dog-Eared Dream's airplay singles, "Rita".)
  • Jack Williams( is unarguably one of the world's finest contemporary folk artists. Jack recorded the basic instrumental and vocal tracks for Laughing in the Face of the Blues at Randy's. Jack is a Wind River recording artist with ten CD's, and travels the nation entertaining people with his superb artistry, great mature voice, and his "makes you want to go home and burn your guitar" instrumental prowess.
  • Tom Pease ( is a relentless and influential social mover and shaker and a high energy folk artist who makes a strong artistic connection with school children through song and drama. A professional artist since 1982, Tom has performed regionally nearly 6,000 times, and has recorded six albums, two of which, Wobbi-do-Wop  and Celebrate, were recorded at Randy's.
  • Lou and Peter Berryman( been performing together for more than twenty years and have produced twelve albums of original music. They appear at folk venues, radio programs and festivals across the country.  Randy mastered What, Again?, Some Kind of Funny, Double Yodel, and recorded and mastered Cow Imagination.
  • Stuart Stotts( a songwriter, storyteller and author. His songs have been recorded by artists around the country, he has three books and five award winning CDs, four of which, Are we There Yet?, One Big Dance, Celebrate, and I''m Not Scared were recorded at Randy's. Stuart also leads teacher in-services through the Kennedy Center Arts in Education program, and since 1986 has led over 100 residencies, and every year he gives over 200 concerts.
  • Clare Norelle( is a dedicated and sincere singer, songwriter and storyteller who presents songs in several languages, tells stories from around the earth and engages in performances and presentations in schools, churches, and in public and private workshops for people of all ages. The second of her three albums, The Same Earth Holds Us All, was recorded at Randy's.
  • Corinne Rockow( a delightful and energetic folk musician, storyteller, state certified music educator, and a music therapist. She has performed in schools, nature centers, libraries, festivals, conferences, & coffeehouses across the Great Lakes region since 1984, and recorded  her three extensive solo albums, Momma Jam, I Sing Every Day of My Life, and Singing up the Moon, as well as When the Moon Smiles, with Outskirts, at Randy's.
  • Laura Fuentes ( una de esas voces que hacen florecer la música de ra'z latinoamericana. Sobrevida, Laura's last album before she left the US for Chile, her homeland, self produced with Ernesto Anaya and Pedro Villagra, featured players from Sotavento and Paraguas, and was recorded at Randy's.
  • Josh Calhoun ( his first album, The Vinegrower at Randy's. "I remember that 10 of the 12 songs on the album were the first and only take of the song, live, vocal and guitar at the same time. It was amazing. I've never seen anybody that well prepared to record". - Rg
  • Kenn Fox ( been a viable component of the Midwest music scene for nearly 30 years. He is known as a guitarist, composer, studio artist, producer and teacher. As a guitarist, he is acclaimed for his explorations of many styles, including modern fingerstyle, electric blues, slide guitar, and world fusion.  His albums Brave Face, Near Life Experience, Epiphany, Spirits in the House, and Road to Tivoli, as well as Send,  with his band Voltage Unit, were recorded at Randy's. Randy collaborated with Kenn and Vinnie Millivolte on the mix of Sacred Wood at Axis Studio in Milwaukee. Randy also recorded, mixed or mastered all or in some part, Spiritone artist Mare Edstrom ( her albums Learning How to Believe, Inside the Blues, Shake 'em on Down, and Keys to the Castle.  OtherSpiritone Records ( and albums recorded mixed or mastered all or in some part, include the albums, Words, Beyond Words, Way Beyond Words, One on One, and album artists West of East -unreleased, Fred and Ethel -Can You See the Future?, Aurore Rien -Sedative for the Celestial Blue, and Andrew Edstrom, -This or Any Other Solar System.
  • Bob Westfall (, mandolin, vocals, songwriting) has studied and worked with some of the top acoustic players in the country--Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, John Hartford, and Alex DeGrassi  An award-winning mandolinist, Bob grew up in Texas and Minnesota, and his style incorporates the best elements of composing with a hybrid jazz/pop/worldbeat/bluegrass feel. Bob's albums Lovers Dance, and In a Heartbeat were recorded at Randy's, as well as Beautifully Mad, the MAMAs 2006 Jazz Album of the Year by The Bob Westfall Quartet featuring Bob Westfall, Mary Gaines, Chris Wagoner, and Tom Ellis.     
  • the deVillebillies ( conceived after an all night Old Milwaukee party on the redwood deck of a dilapidated Airstream trailer. Check out their new self titled album the deVillebillies, recorded digitally in a real studio instead of on an eight track car stereo like they're used to doing. You'll be spiritually enhanced by songs like Coal Miner's Cocaine, Party In The Trailer Park, and my favorite, Cowgirl Butts Drive Me Nuts.  This album even got a good review from the Americana Gazette.  - Rg
  • Jackson Blumenthal ( is a clinical hypnotherapist, trained by Gil Boyne ( and was certified in clinical hypnosis and pain control by the Hypnosis Training Institute of Glendale California.( and also has an honors BS from Edgewood College in Madison, WI. He has recorded over one hundred self help tapes and CDs, produced by Randy, has practiced nationally recognized sports hypnosis, and has been a local sports news editor for several bowling publications. He also did stage hypnosis in public schools for 10 years. Currently he is announcing sports for public access television WOW and ORE in Oregon, WI, as well as marketing his hypnotic sleep CDs, because really, All You Need is Sleep..
  • Dave Schindele( a sensitive master of piano poetry, prolific composer, and would like you to enjoy listening to his music free on his website, or buy his songs for 99 cents each. Dave is a man of few words unless he is singing them.
  • Nancy Rost ( been called "The love child of Tom Lehrer and Tom Waits" ( Her distinctive songs combine a jazz-influenced piano style with lyrics that are quirky, witty and heartfelt, often all at once. Nancy presents a website with a huge number of songs available free for downloading, as well as several CDs for sale.
  • Maureen St Germain ( leads national and international workshops in personal development and spiritual awakening.  As a seeker she shares the knowledge she has gained from twenty-five years of study in ancient truths. Personally trained as a Certified Flower of Life Facilitator by Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1995, Maureen is a licensed facilitator of Flower of Life Workshops. Maureen leads sacred journeys to spiritual high points around the world, and also has a large number of meditation CDs available on her website. Of those, Meditation to the Archangels, Rainbow Angel Meditation, La Meditación del Arco Iris de Angels, Fountain of Youth Meditation, Meditation to the Crystal Elohim, Sounds from the Great Pyramid, Toning from the King's Chamber, Mantras for Ascension, and several other earlier CDs, were recorded and produced at Randy's.
  • MasterCom, Inc, Systems Integrators ( to be a respected supplier, installer and service provider of commercial computer, communications, and systems and data installations, through our continuous drive and pursuit of excellence, professionalism and complete customer satisfaction."
  • Naked Aggression ( 3 vinyl EP's at Randy's in the 1990's, including the popularized songs Smash the State and Plastic World and went on further to noteable success in LA. Kirsten Patches and Phil Suchomel were unforgettable in their raw punk energy and conviction.  Sad to say, Phil died at age 29 of asthma complications. The group carries on in his memory.
  • Paul Filipowicz ( one of those rare bluesmen that defines the genre. "There is more heart, soul and guts poured into one of his solos than most players can muster in a career"  - Rick Tvedt, Madison Area Music Awards
    Paul recorded and produced Never Had It So Good, Bluesman, and What Have You Done For Me Lately? at Randy's.
  • Jim Wachtendonk ( Vietnam Vet, singer/songwriter, storyteller and visual artist, recorded 6 albums at Randy's while he lived here in Madison WI., - Incoming, On the Mend, Red White and Blind, Gemini and I, R &R, and Edges. Jim made and gave me a Montangard Bracelet, which is a great honor from a Viet Vet. The next time he came to record I had taken it off and hung it on the four track machine. He was aghast that I had taken it off - you're supposed to never take them off, if you are so honored as to be given one. Well Jim, if it helps, I've never taken it off the four track, and it hangs there to this day.  - Rg
  • Holly Brook ( began her recording career at Randy's when she was about 3 feet tall, and has since pretty much "made it" in the music industry. Check her out.  - Rg
  • Rising Gael ( a young Irish band that is contributing new energy to the shape of "modern" Celtic music. The driving rhythms played on guitar and drum race with the fast fingers and electrifying bowing of the fiddle. This mix is paired with pure, powerful vocals, resulting in a rich and innovative sound. The group's first two albums, Rising Gael and These City Walls were recorded and produced at Randy's.
  • Piper Road Spring Band ( has been together for about 40 years, and are known internationally. In the early 1970's, they put away their electric amps and guitars and developed a unique acoustic/bluegrass style, a strong bond of friendship, and maintained a commitment to quality musicianship. As such they enjoy the continuing support of a large, strong fan base. Their 6th and most recent album, Breathless, was recorded at Randy's.
  • MadisonMusicians.Net   (
    A free, not-for-profit Web-based network for Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding communities. Helping area musicians find each other, buy and sell gear, and stay informed of local and national music opportunities. All styles, ages and levels welcome. Many other important music resources are also listed here.
  • Madison Music Project - A project of The Isthmus (
    Hundreds of Madison-area musicians and bands are listed at this site.