Randy's Recording includes a tuned control room plus three large custom-built high-visibility sound rooms, a comfortable lounge, office, and rest room, spanning 1425 square feet. There is ample off-street parking. 

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  • The Control Room is 12' x 17' and is visible from all sound rooms. It has center seating (front, mid, and rear) and independent air conditioning.
  • The Turbo Room has no parallel surfaces. It is constructed of carpeted stone block and wood, and produces a deep, anechoic spatial sound under high sound pressure. The Turbo Room houses these keyboard instruments: 1955 Blonde Hammond M3 with142Rv Leslie circa 1966. Not pictured: Kurzweil 88-key Mark 2 digital grand in wood console - records beautifully!
  • The Wood Room is all wood, including the floor. It sounds bright and sharp with a woody resonance.
  • The Neutral Room has a natural outdoors type of sound and houses a 1939 Kitt upright piano (see Turbo Room for digital piano).

  • The Lounge is private, independently heated and air conditioned, with a sink, refrigerator, microwave and television. It has a big window with a pleasant view.
  • The Office is available for business conversations and private phone calls, and displays several hundred published recordings spanning more than 20 years.