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About the Studio

This studio was built in 1985 for the purpose of providing professional recording to the working musician, at a price that a working musician could afford. In that true spirit of compassion for the struggling artist, Randy's Recording has made getting to the next level a real possibility for many who might otherwise have never gotten the opportunity to make their music available to the public.

In the cover story "Madison Musical Legends" from the May 2001 issue of Madison Magazine, the venerable Rick Murphy says about Randy's Recording: "This is where Randy Green, a guitar and keyboard virtuoso in his own right, has helped countless area artists put their music in the grooves." Thanks Rick. The point of this brag being, what I try to do, and how I'm perceived are fairly similar. And that, in my mind, is success.

People here in Madison, Wisconsin like to brag about what they don't do. For instance, "I don't do this…I don't eat that…I don't watch TV." You've probably heard it. So here goes. Here's what I don't do:

  • I don't promise you a record deal.
  • I don't do it for the money and it's not a tax write-off.
  • I don't try to get famous.
  • I don't pass judgement on your music, friends, preferences, food, beer, car, or instrument.
  • I don't capitalize on your dreams.

So what does that leave? Maybe the kind of place you could work in and feel good, make some good music, have a good time, sell some CDs, make some money - maybe make that album without the record company, finally. Or maybe just do that first album, or record that song you wrote that one time…

This studio is for the artist. For the artist in you. Not every studio is for everybody, and that's OK. But make sure you're recording where you can work comfortably, not where someone tells you to go.

I'm here because this is where I want to be, and I do what I do because I like it. And I hope you can say the same, or at least say you're headed in that direction.

This studio was bought with money made strictly from playing music, and expanded with money made by recording. By me. I know what you need. I know how to get it for you. Musically.

If you think this could be your kind of place to express your artistry, do something about it. And if you're looking for something to believe in, you can believe in me, or you can believe in the one thing that is absolutely risk-free because you know what it's going to do…and that would be-yourself.


Randolph Lester Green
I was born in Washington, DC, April 23, 1948 (a war baby). My father worked in Naval Intelligence, and my mother worked for the Secretary of Agriculture. She was the secretary to the Secretary's secretary. (Really.)  She was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and he was from La Farge, Wisconsin. The family moved to La Farge after the war.

I graduated from La Farge High School in 1966 and moved to Madison, WI to get in a band. I enrolled at UW-Madison and graduated in 1971 with a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology. Then I was free to be ignorant….so I became a musician. Actually it started long before that. I had 12 years of piano lessons; six years of clarinet; four years of guitar; four years of Hammond, Vox, Farfisa, an Austin 59-Rank Pipe Organ; and two bands, by the time I was 20. To say I was doomed to be a musician would be more like it.

So I started playing in bands in 1966 and made my living that way until 1986. The Squires, Police Department, Universal Sound, Somersett I, Northern Lites, Somersett II, Sgt. Pepper, Masterpiece, Nobody, Magic, and as a Keyboard Soloist. Twenty years straight. Never had a job, as my mother would say. I started Randy's Recording in 1986 and now it's 2005, and I still have never had a job. Ah…but I shouldn't joke. The studio is tough, and playing is tough. But all it's ever cost me is my sanity.

That's a fair trade for a lifetime of music.